Woman Spots A Naked Hermit Crab And Helps Him Find A New Home

“I was so surprised when I saw him …”

On a recent stroll down the beach in Little Corona del Mar, California, Rebecca Nguyen was watching the tide roll in and out when she noticed someone in the sand who needed help.

A homeless hermit crab was struggling in the water, with no shell to protect him. Nguyen, who loves animals, especially those who live at the beach, was alarmed.

“This was my first time seeing a little naked and homeless one!” Nguyen told The Dodo. “They rarely expose themselves like this since they are so vulnerable without a shell.”


Soon, her alarm turned to action, as she began the search for a new shell.

“I started running around like a mad woman looking for a new home for him,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen combed the beach and found a variety of options. Then, like an ocean realtor, she presented the hermit crab with all of his choices. Finally, the crab began to crawl toward the perfect one.

woman helping crab

“I had to go a little of a distance to find that perfect shell,” Nguyen said. “He was obviously very interested in that shell when I brought it. It was the only shell he went towards instead of away from.”

Soon enough, the crab was no longer exposed. Nguyen watched as he seemed to relish in the comfort of his new shell.

“Before I knew it, he was all tucked away safely in his new home!” Nguyen said.

You can watch a video of the hermit crab finding his shell here:

As she continued down the sand that day, Nguyen felt a sense of accomplishment and a deeper connection to the beach’s beautiful wildlife.

“It’s rare that we are presented with an opportunity to help wild animals out like this,” Nguyen said. “It feels gratifying.”