Woman Spots A Group Of 60 Snails All Crossing The Road Together

So much slime!

In late August, Elizabeth Manson was walking home when she saw something shimmering in the dark. A large group of snails began to block her path, slowly making their way to the other side of the street.

The 50 or 60 garden snails seemed to be traveling as a herd.

Herd of snails
Elizabeth Manson

“I discovered them blocking my path home in their race to get to the wet grass on the other side,” Manson told The Dodo. “They became active sometime during my walk because the temperatures dropped due to the sun setting and some light rains.”

For most, seeing this many snails would be something out of a horror film, but for Manson, it was a once-in-a-lifetime treat. “[I was a] little surprised because it wasn't what I was expecting to encounter,” Manson said. “But I quickly realized what was going on since I'm an invertebrate enthusiast.”

Elizabeth Manson

Manson snapped a photo of the group of snails and posted it to Facebook. A trick of perspective made the snails in the photo look enormous.

Manson informed people on social media that garden snails in Melbourne, Australia, were sadly no bigger than ones around the world.

Elizabeth Manson

Manson hasn't seen such a big group since, but they did leave her an epic slime trail to remember them by.

"I have tried to recreate this photo and have not been able to," Manson said. "It truly is an accidental illusion."