Woman Snaps Photo Of Fox — Then Realizes How Many Are Hiding In The Background

Can you find them all?

On a recent drive home from a friend’s house in the pitch-black of night, Annie Bunker and her boyfriend turned down an alleyway and noticed a pair of eyes staring back. Then, they noticed another pair of eyes, and another. Hurriedly, Bunker snapped a photo.

hidden foxes
Annie Bunker

Examining the photo, Bunker was amazed. What had initially appeared to be just a fox or two was actually an entire group.

“I’ve never seen that many hanging around like that!” Bunker told The Dodo. “They were all so chilled out, [they] didn't wanna move or really care about our presence.”

Bunker, who lives in southeast England, said that it’s common to see foxes in the area. However, it’s rare to see quite so many.

“We see foxes a lot — [we] pass them when we’re walking and such,” Bunker said. “They are very timid here, so [they] tend to run away, but as a group they are more confident, so they kinda hang there and wait for the humans to leave.”

Shutterstock via Giedriius

Thrilled by the fun photo, Bunker posted it to Facebook, encouraging viewers to try and find every fox. It’s still anyone’s guess just how many foxes were hiding in the dark that night, but here are at least six, if you’re still having trouble:

Annie Bunker

Bunker is still reeling from her brief interaction with this group of animals and will surely remember this moment for a long time.

“I absolutely love foxes,” Bunker said. “They are such beautiful creatures.”