Woman Snaps A Photo Of ‘Cutest Bunny' — Then Realizes What's Actually Going On

"I was bamboozled!"

Sarah Hoyle and her son love going on neighborhood walks around their home in Wilmington, North Carolina. Hoyle especially enjoys pointing out wildlife they see along the way and teaching her son about the natural world around them.

“We use our walks as [a] time for him to ask me all the questions he wants about the world and for me to teach him as much as I can,” Hoyle told The Dodo.

On a recent walk, Hoyle was thrilled to spot a wild rabbit — a rarity in their neighborhood. She quickly alerted her son and reached for her phone to take a photo.

rabbit in yard
Sarah Hoyle

As she continued to snap pictures, Hoyle noticed something was off. Was this actually a rabbit?

“I took a few pictures, zooming in a little more each time, until I was zoomed in enough to see it wasn’t a bunny at all,” Hoyle said.

squirrel under tree
Sarah Hoyle

What originally looked like fuzzy bunny ears was actually a tail — a squirrel’s tail. Realizing they’d been tricked by a confusingly positioned squirrel, Hoyle and her son couldn’t stop chuckling.

“We both stood in the road laughing about it for a couple minutes,” Hoyle said. “I knew immediately I would share that.”

Soon, Hoyle posted the photo in the Crap Wildlife Photography Facebook group.

“I saw the cutest bunny on our walk tonight!” Hoyle wrote in the post. “I was bamboozled!”

squirrel in yard
Sarah Hoyle

Hoyle and her son will surely be more vigilant on their walks in the future — hopefully next time they spot a rabbit, he won’t be a tricky squirrel in disguise.