Woman Shopping At Home Supply Store Notices Someone In The Bed Display

“He looked so happy.”

Earlier this week, on a cold and snowy day in Punta Arenas, Chile, a TikTok user named Camii decided to drop into her local home supply store, Sodimac.

There, thanks to Sodimac’s pet-friendly policies, dogs of all sizes can often be seen accompanying their owners on shopping trips.

But that day, Camii saw a pup doing more than merely browsing the aisles.

Arriving to the store’s bedroom furniture display, Camii discovered that the unit was actually occupied.

Turns out, a dog had commandeered the spot and was rolling happily among the pillows and sheets.

Here’s that moment on video:

Given that the dog wasn’t wearing a collar, and no owner was in sight to oversee that boisterous romp, it is believed that the dog may be one of many strays living in the area. But though Sodimac officially requires pets inside be leashed, it seems workers at this store may make exceptions for homeless dogs escaping harsh weather.

Despite the pup’s barking and playing on the bed, they appear to have decided to simply let him be.

“He looked so happy,” Camii wrote on TikTok. “I think it was his first time on a bed.”

Ideally, if the dog is indeed a stray, he’ll soon find someone to adopt him into their home — but in the meantime, he just may have found the next best thing.