Woman Thought She Was Cooing At A Stray Cat Until She Put Her Glasses On

She was about to try and pet her 😂😱

Claudia Hankin had been hanging out on her porch and reading for several hours one evening when suddenly, she noticed a little grey cat hanging out about 5 feet away. There are a lot of stray cats in Hankin’s neighborhood, so she immediately started trying to persuade the sweet cat to come over and get some attention. 

Hankin doesn’t wear her glasses when she reads, so the cat she was cooing at was definitely a little blurry. She put them back on in order to see her new friend — and was shocked to discover who she’d been trying to befriend. 

possum pretending to be a cat
Claudia Hankin

“Took about 15 seconds to realize it wasn't a cat, once I put my glasses on,” Hankin told The Dodo. “I laughed and said, ‘You're not a kitty.’”

The stray cat wasn’t a cat at all, but a curious possum who had sneakily decided to try and pretend to be a cat to see if she could get any snacks out of it. Clever, indeed. 

Hankin found the whole thing so funny and took out her phone to snap some pictures of her late-night visitor. Once the flash went off though, and the possum realized her cover had been blown, she took off running. She could always try for snacks again another night. 

possum running away
Claudia Hankin

Even though Hankin had been shocked to discover the possum wasn’t a cat after all, she still appreciated the company.

“I wasn't actually scared at all, as possums are harmless and very sweet, helpful neighbors,” Hankin said. “[But] I would have been mightily startled if I'd realized it was a wild animal WHILE I was petting it.”

Luckily both Hankin and the possum avoided that jarring moment, and perhaps the possum will come back one night to say hi again now that she knows she’s welcome any time — as long as she’s honest about who she is.