Woman Sets Up Hidden Camera To Find Out Who's Been Raiding Her Fridge


Recently, homeowner Celeste Miño came to suspect that a food thief was on the prowl at her place, targeting the contents of her family’s refrigerator.

So, in order to catch the perpetrator in the act, she set up a hidden camera in the kitchen.

And, sure enough, she uncovered the truth. Miño's sweet orange tabby cat had cleverly learned to open the fridge with his paw — allowing him and all his friends to sneak a snack without permission.

Here’s that moment on video:


After having nearly two minutes of unfettered access to the fridge, the cats' food raid was brought to an end. But even after their owner walks in, spoiling the party, those thieving cats show little sign of shame or guilt.

Sure, Miño can shut the fridge — but there's little doubt that it won't stay closed for long.