Woman Running Errands Suddenly Sees Two Babies Run Out Of An Abandoned Box

“She was telling me to hurry up and get her in the car!”

TikTok user Rescuermg was on her way to pick up some cookies for her coworkers when she saw something that immediately made her pull over. There was an abandoned box on the side of the road — and two little puppies ran out of it as she drove by.

As soon as she got out of her car, the puppies came trotting over to her. They were hesitant yet excited at the same time, wagging their tails and investigating their potential new friend. The experienced rescuer knew right away that the puppies were coming with her. There was no other outcome.

She scooped the first puppy up and brought her to the car as the other puppy watched, slightly confused. She checked the box to make sure there were no other puppies around before grabbing the second puppy, who took a little convincing as she barked and ran around, trying to figure out what was going on.

“She was telling me to hurry up and get her in the car,” Rescuermg wrote in a TikTok video about the rescue.

The woman had left work to get some cookies, and instead she came back with puppies.

She immediately took them home to get them cleaned up. Both puppies were dirty and hungry, and it was clear how grateful they were to finally be somewhere safe and warm. It took several days to get them fully clean and on a healthy path again, at which point their goofy puppy personalities finally started to shine through.

Their rescuer was able to find a foster family to take them in, who decided to name them Brownie and Blondie. After taking them to the vet and giving their new foster mom time to get everything ready, they were finally on their way.

TikTok user Rescuermg definitely hadn’t expected to find puppies that day, but everyone is so grateful that she did.

You can follow the puppies on TikTok.