Woman Sees Mysterious Lump Of Fur Under Tree And Makes A Lifesaving Decision

She got there just in time …

Petey was hiding under a tree when a Good Samaritan spotted him for the first time. The area was quiet with hardly any people passing by, and the scared pup was all alone.

The woman took a picture of the dog from a distance, trying not to make him more nervous than he already was, and posted it on social media in hopes of finding his family. Instead of finding his parents, however, the woman found someone to help rescue him.

Suzette Hall

When Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy rescue, first saw pictures of Petey laying under a giant tree, the first thing that occurred to her was how small he was. Then, she thought of the alarming amount of coyotes in the area and immediately started a race to rescue him.

“When I got there, he was sitting under the tree and looking out at the road,” Hall told The Dodo. “It seemed like he was looking for his person.”

Suzette Hall

Hall tried to approach the dog, but he quickly ran off to an inaccessible part of the field. Then, the sun started to set, and Hall’s worst fears were confirmed.

“I could see the glowing eyes of coyotes in the field,” Hall said. “They were everywhere.”

With time running out, Hall had to think quickly. She set out two traps on opposite sides of the field, then found a hiding place where she could watch the dog without him suspecting it.

Soon, the dog was circling around the traps, curious about the treats inside. After a few minutes, he made his way in and was finally safe.

Suzette Hall

“I was so happy when I heard my trap shut,” Hall said. “If he had gone back out again, who knows what would’ve happened?”

Once he was in the trap, Hall put the dog in her van and gave him food. He instantly scarfed down the kibble, then settled down for a nap.

By this point, it was too late to go to the vet, so Hall decided to sleep in her van with the pup — whom she named Petey — until the clinic opened in the morning. She knew that Petey was lonely, but she was shocked by how quickly he warmed up to her.

“We slept in my car together that night, and he was so cuddly,” Hall said. “He was a total lovebug.”

Suzette Hall

Luckily, Petey was in great health when Hall rescued him despite having to fend for himself outside. When he got to the vet clinic, he only needed a round of vaccines and a thorough bath. Then, he was ready to be placed in foster care.

Petey is currently still in foster care, where enjoys cuddling with his foster mom and his new foster dog siblings. Although he’s still waiting for a forever home, his current caregiver is absolutely in love with him.

“His foster mom says that he’s such a doll,” Hall said. “And he totally loves her, too.”

To help pups like Petey get the help they need, make a donation to Camino Pet Hospital under "Logan's Legacy 29."