Woman Sees Box Of Stuffed Animals — And Notices One Isn't Like The Others

“I was so surprised.”

As the founder of Second Chances Wildlife Center, Brigette Brouillard is often in close quarters with bats, skunks, squirrels and other wild animals who call the center home.

Brouillard is an animal expert, and yet sometimes the residents of Second Chances still manage to surprise her. Recently, a little opposum named Yeti gave Brouillard quite the shock when she climbed into a basket of toys, camouflaging herself among the stuffed animals.

possum in toys

“I was so surprised,” Brouillard told The Dodo.

Brouillard had seen Yeti sneak into the stuffies before. What was surprising was that the cunning opossum had managed to climb into this particular basket, which was much higher than where she could usually reach.

“It’s normal for opossums to get in our stuffed animal baskets for little siestas,” Brouillard said. “But what surprises me was the fact that she was able to get into the basket, which was a couple of [feet] off the ground.”

possum in toys

Now that she’s found it, Yeti’s made it clear that she won’t be leaving her cozy perch anytime soon.

“It’s her default go-to spot,” Brouillard said. “It’s soft and comfortable for her.”

Yeti has lived at Second Chances since the fall of 2022. As a special needs opposum, Yeti can’t return to the wild. Luckily, the fuzzy girl has been given lifetime sanctuary at Second Chances, so she’ll never have to leave her favorite stuffed animals behind.

Brigette Brouillard

Brouillard is regularly charmed by Yeti’s antics and especially enjoys watching the sweet opossum prepare for her naps.

“I … absolutely adore how she [tucks] herself in under her blankets,” Brouillard said. “Sometimes she’s completely under them, and sometimes you see her little head and arms sticking out just like a person would be under the covers. Overall, I love that she feels so safe and comfortable in her environment.”

Safe at Second Chances, it’s clear this spirited opossum is living the snug, luxurious life she deserves.

You can help care for Yeti by donating to Second Chances Wildlife Center.