Woman Sees Backpack Abandoned On Steps With Two Tiny Ears Poking Out

“It was meant to be.”

Walking through the Bronx, a Good Samaritan happened upon an unusual sight.

Someone had left their backpack on the steps of a building, and barely peeking out of the top of the bag were two little gray ears.

When the person got closer, they discovered an affectionate cat zipped into the backpack and left all alone.

cat in backpack

The cat, later named Pixie, was suffering from a bad cold and one of her eyes was in poor shape and needed to be removed. Luckily, she was quickly transported into the care of Little Wanderers, an organization that rescues needy cats in and around New York City.

“It’s unusual that a super friendly stray cat would be outside in a bookbag,” Lisa Scroggins, co-founder of Little Wanderers, told The Dodo.

Pixie isn’t just friendly — she’s cuddly and playful, and she purrs all the time. She was so happy to be out of the backpack and with people again.

“She’s a sugar-love-muffin-doll-face,” Scroggins said.

cat laying on floor
Lisa Scroggins

In a miraculous show of support, organizations came together to ensure Pixie made a swift recovery. The Animal Medical Center helped repair her eye and the Feline Veterinary Medical Center provided primary vet care.

But Pixie still needed a home of her own — somewhere she belonged.

Thankfully, Pixie didn’t have to wait long for the perfect fit. She arrived at her new home, where she met her cat sibling and suddenly, she didn’t feel alone anymore, and she didn’t feel strange — because her new sibling had one eye, too.

one-eyed-cats sitting on window sill

Now, free from the confines of the backpack, Pixie gets to live with a family who loves and accepts her.

cats sitting together

Pixie never has to worry about being left alone again.

“It was meant to be,” Scroggins said. “It was the perfect happy ending.”

To support other cats like Pixie, you can make a donation to Little Wanderers here

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