Woman Sees A Ball Of Fur By Her Dog's Bed — Then Notices It's Moving

"[I] realized the fur ball had eyes.”

The other day, Cheyenne Benzo was at home with her daughter and their dog, Sheldon, when something caught her eye.

There, on the floor of the living room near Sheldon’s bed, Benzo noticed a ball of his hair — which, on the surface, wasn’t so surprising.

“Sheldon is basically a fur tornado,” Benzo told The Dodo. “I’m used to fluff balls in the house.”

Cheyenne Benzo

But something was different about this particular fluff ball. It looked to be denser than the others — and it was moving.

Benzo was taken aback.

“There was a lot of initial confusion,” she said. “I got down on the floor with my flashlight and realized the fur ball had eyes.”

Cheyenne Benzo

Much to Benzo’s surprise, she discovered that the mysterious object was actually a tree frog whose soft, sticky body had become encased in Sheldon’s shed fur.

“I have no idea where he came from,” Benzo said. “He just showed up disheveled and confused.”

The frog was so wrapped up in hair that he wasn't able to hop around freely. So, Benzo decided to help.

Cheyenne Benzo

“He let me pull some fluff off of him before he tried to hop, but the poor little guy was having a rough time,” Benzo said. “He let me pick him up and run some water over him. He was very chill and let me get him clean without moving at all.”

And with that, the formerly wooly frog was back to his old self again.

Cheyenne Benzo

Next, Benzo introduced the frog to her 8-month-old daughter so she could be included in what would happen next.

Cheyenne Benzo

“My daughter and I took him outside to the stream in the yard. He stayed chilling in the grass under a hibiscus tree while we went back inside,” Benzo said.

All had been set right for the frog that day — and a sweet lesson on kindness was learned.

“I was really happy to be able to show my daughter how to help and take care of him," Benzo said. "She liked going outside to set him free. I'll encourage that every day."