Woman Looks Up And Realizes Her Cat Is In The Ceiling

“How did Soup get in there?” 😂

When Soup’s mom realized she couldn’t find him anywhere, she looked around for a while — and suddenly discovered exactly where he was hiding.

Somehow, Soup had gotten himself stuck in the ceiling, and his mom could see him sitting on one of the light fixtures. The shadow of Soup’s paws and fluffy body were shining down on the room like a majestic cat angel.

“How did Soup get in there?” his mom said in a video about the incident.

As cute and perplexing as it was, though, Soup’s mom knew she somehow needed to get Soup out of the ceiling and back on safer ground.

She tried lifting the panel that Soup was sitting on but it wouldn’t really budge under his weight. Instead, she lifted the one next to him — but that caused the one he was sitting on to fall, which caused Soup to fall as well.

Soup’s mom yelped and quickly checked to make sure he was OK. Soup wasn’t fazed at all, though. He had a look on his face as if he couldn’t quite figure out what had just happened, and then continued on with his day.

Soup’s mom had no idea how Soup had gotten into the ceiling in the first place, but he seemed pretty happy up there — and a little annoyed that his stay was cut short.