Woman Picks Dog Up From Groomer — And Realizes Something's Not Quite Right

"Everyone’s jaws dropped."

This is Lucky — a sweet, fluffy dog who loves his mom, Tykesha Cherry, more than anything in the world. Truth is, nothing can keep them apart.

Well, except for a case of mistaken identity.

Tykesha Cherry

Earlier this month, Cherry decided Lucky’s curly, white coat of fur had gotten just a tad too long and disheveled. So, she made an appointment for him to get a trim at their local pet groomer.

Little could Cherry have guessed, however, that the groomer would go on to change more than just her pup’s overgrown appearance.

Tykesha Cherry

When Cherry got a call that Lucky was ready to be picked up, she headed right over, asking the lady at the front desk for her dog by name.

“She started bringing a dog towards me, and I thought he looked off a bit,” Cherry told The Dodo. “But I thought to myself it was probably because he just got his hair cut off.”

Cherry carried the dog to her car and gave him a more discerning look.

The pup in her passenger seat did the same thing right back.

Tykesha Cherry

At first, Cherry thought the groomer had cut Lucky's hair a little shorter than usual — and that's why he looked sorta different. Still, he wasn't acting quite right. Things just weren't adding up.

"I kept calling him Lucky, and he never responded," Cherry said. 

But there were more subtle things, like the dog's overall vibe, that didn't match up to the dog she loved.

Convinced this wasn't her pup — but instead a lookalike imposter — Cherry carried him back to the groomer.

Tykesha Cherry

Cherry arrived at the groomer shop door at the same moment as another woman. The stranger turned, saw the pup in her arms and said, "Hi, Bentley!"

"I'm like, 'Is this your dog?' She said, 'Yeah,'" Cherry recalls. "[Inside the shop] everyone’s jaws dropped."

It hadn't been Lucky, after all. But things were soon set right.

Tykesha Cherry

Bentley was now back with his rightful owner, and Lucky was, too. The groomer, no doubt horrified by the mix-up, placed the proper pup into Cherry's arms. This time, she didn't need to double-check.

"I just knew it was him. All the same personalities that I remembered came rushing in at once. It was a beautiful reunion, really," Cherry said. "It’s amazing how we can tell so much about a person (doggies included) without even realizing."

In the end, thanks to Cherry's connection with Lucky, the accidental dog switcheroo didn't go unresolved for long. Cherry's just happy she caught on to the problem so quickly.

"I’m also happy Lucky didn’t see me leave with the other dog," Cherry added.