Woman Passing By Shop Window Spots An Adorable Display Of Kindness

"I was so touched ..."

Among the shelves and mannequins featuring the latest fashions at this boutique clothing store in Colombia, there can often be seen a different kind of beauty on display.

The timeless aesthetic of kindness.


Recently, TikTok user @osogabi was on a shopping outing with her boyfriend’s mom when something caught their eyes. There, curled up behind the boutique’s display window, was a stray dog dozing away sweetly.

It was a particularly hot day that day, so store employees had invited the pup in to escape the heat.

“I was so touched by the scene that I did not hesitate to record it,” @osogabi told The Dodo. “I thought it was super special.”

Upon entering the shop, @osogabi came to learn that this wasn’t just a one-time thing. The dog and others like him in the neighborhood have found compassionate friends in the store’s employees.

“He goes inside often and is fed by the girls [who work there], he and other furry ones,” she said. “Because of this hot climate, they look for very cool places, and what better than a store with air conditioning?”


To protect the workers’ privacy, @osogabi asked that the store not be named. The Dodo, however, did reach out to one employee, who confirmed the caring gesture for this dog and others is one that comes from the heart, saying:

“I love and respect animals very much.”