Woman Is Startled When She Passes A Floating Dog Head On The Street

The pup's been doing this for years ❤️️

Amanda Grace Hutter was out for a run around Cambridge, Massachusetts, when she spotted a dog seemingly performing a magic trick.

I had just crossed the road when I heard a ‘Yelp!’” Hutter told The Dodo. “This dog stuck its head out of its fence, [and] a man running past recoiled in surprise.”

Dog head floating on fence
Amanda Grace Hutter

The floating dog head belonged to a fluffy Westie who wanted to check out what was happening on his block. Hutter snapped a few photos of the curious dog and went on her way since there was no sign indicating that the dog wanted to be pet.

“The sight of the dog sticking its head out of a fence made me laugh,” Hutter said. “The dog just looked around — it didn’t react to me.”

Dog sticks head out of hole in fence
Amanda Grace Hutter

Though Hutter had run by that house several times in the past, she’d never noticed the dog or the hole in the fence before. But when she posted her photos of the floating dog head on Facebook, she learned that the pup was well-known around the neighborhood.

“I think I used to walk by this dog every day in college,” Kelly Ren commented on Facebook. “He was one of my first ever Instagram photos!”

Amanda Grace Hutter

The pup has been monitoring his block through his special peephole since at least 2012 and has brought joy to — or freaked out — anyone lucky enough to spot him. The pup never seems interested in pets or treats, as he takes his neighborhood watch job very seriously.

Hutter hopes he’ll make an appearance on her next run and brighten up her day.