Woman Opens Door And Discovers A Fluffy Intruder In Her Bedroom

“[She] was shocked …”

The last thing you want to see when you open your bedroom door is a masked stranger staring back at you.

So when a woman in Pennsylvania recently entered her room and realized she wasn’t alone, she quickly called for help.

Luckily, in this case, the intruder was pretty small — and very fluffy.

raccoon in closet
Facebook/Steel City Wildlife Control

When a representative from Steel City Wildlife Control arrived, the animal handler slowly entered the bedroom. At first glance, the intruder was nowhere to be found. Carefully, the rescuer scoured the room, eventually arriving at the closet. It was there that the rescuer spotted him — a scared raccoon cowering in the back of the wardrobe.

Facebook/Steel City Wildlife Control

The rescuer safely grabbed the raccoon using a catch pole. As they pulled the animal out of the closet, they got their first clear glimpse at his black eyes and fuzzy face.

raccoon holding onto pole
Facebook/Steel City Wildlife Control

Eventually, the wildlife control expert secured the raccoon in a cage. Safe inside, the raccoon gazed warily back at his rescuers, clearly eager to return to his home in the wilderness. Luckily, the Steel City expert was already on it — searching for a safe area outdoors where the raccoon could be released.

raccoon in cage
Facebook/Steel City Wildlife Control

In the aftermath of the rescue, the homeowner was incredulous — how had the curious animal gotten to the second floor? After looking around the house, the wildlife removal expert determined that the raccoon scaled the brick building, likely following a scent coming from inside, and then hopped in through an open window.

“The homeowner was shocked that the raccoon was able to enter through a [second] story window,” a representative from Steel City Wildlife Control told The Dodo. “It turns out raccoons can easily scale up a brick home of any height.”

Though this curious raccoon’s journey began a bit perilously that day, with help from experienced wildlife control experts, he’s back where he belongs — exploring the ample wilderness that he calls home.

To help other animals like this raccoon, make a donation to Steel City Wildlife Control.