Woman 'Nearly Screamed' When She Finally Found Her Dog

Do you see her? 🔎

Girly was missing. The affectionate pup wasn’t in any of her usual spots. After checking behind the couch and by the window, Girly’s mom, Breanne W., couldn’t figure out where the large brown dog could be hiding.

Breanne heard her baby begin to cry and realized she’d have to pivot — the Girly hunt would continue after her baby’s feeding.

Facing a pile of children’s playthings, Breanne noticed that among the unblinking plastic eyes of the toys, there was another all-too-familiar set of eyes. 

“I nearly screamed,” Breanne said.

dog among children's things
Breanne W.

Girly rarely spent time in the baby’s room, yet there she was. Tucked between the crib and a stuffed giraffe, Girly blended in almost perfectly.

“I physically almost jumped out of the rocking chair,” Breanne said. “It reminded me of the scene in 'ET' where he’s hiding among all the stuffies in the closet.”

Breanne’s shock soon turned to glee as she began chuckling at her dog’s successful camouflage.

“Once I realized it was her, I couldn’t stop laughing,” Breanne said. “I yelled for my husband to come up, and even he didn’t see her until she adjusted herself.”

dog behind crib
Breanne W.

It wasn’t necessarily a surprise that the rescue pup wanted to be near her baby brother — the two are best of friends.

“She loves the baby,” Breanne said. “We often joke that it’s her baby! She sleeps beside his crib if she hears him stir or make noise at night, [she] tries to clean him up if he spit[s] up, and if he’s having a nap she will be right beside him. It’s so sweet to see how much she loves him.”

dog and baby
Breanne W.

Though she clearly has a knack for physically disappearing, Girly’s love for her family is something she’ll never hide. Back out in the open, Girly had no idea she’d almost given her mom a heart attack — she was just thrilled to have all her favorite people in one room.