Woman Makes Rare Discovery After Spotting White ‘Rock’ On Roadside

“It was crazy, honestly.”

The other day, Emerice Hallock and her brother were driving down a remote stretch of highway in Alberta, Canada, when something unusual caught their eye.

There, in the brush just off the roadside, was a bright, white figure posed all alone.

Hallock initially thought it was just an odd rock — but she’d passed by too quickly to be certain.

Emerice Hallock

Turns out, however, that Hallock’s brother had gotten a better look. He realized the remarkable truth.

“He was telling me to turn around,” Hallock told The Dodo. “He said he saw an albino porcupine. I was like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ [But] he was freaking out, so I turned around.”

Hallock’s brother wasn’t just seeing things.

Emerice Hallock

Sure enough, it was an albino porcupine — a rare sight indeed. The condition is said to occur in only about 1 out of 10,000 porcupines.

Hopping out of the car for a better look, Hallock couldn’t believe her eyes.

“It was crazy, honestly,” she said. “I’ve never seen a porcupine in my life, so seeing an albino one was mind blowing.”

Emerice Hallock

The porcupine, so conspicuous with his all-white fur and quills, appeared to be healthy and happy as he moseyed through the brush. It was almost as if he knew what a gem he is.

“He looked good!” Hallock said.

She even managed to record a video of the little guy going about his business.

Emerice Hallock

In the end, the spiny albino made his way back into the surrounding forest, evidently satisfied that his bold and brilliant appearance to passersby had been sufficiently appreciated.

And it surely had been.

“It definitely will be something I remember,” said Hallock.