Woman Makes Peace With A Little Mouse Who Moved Into Her House

"He thinks he owns the place.”

For some time now, Monica Canova has been sharing her home with an uninvited — yet adorable — little housemate who now lives in her kitchen.

Canova named him Mousey. He’s a mouse.

Monica Canova

Despite being on a first-name basis with the small rodent now, things certainly didn’t start off so cordially. When Canova initially spotted him, her reaction was far icier. But that feeling quickly passed.

“The first time I saw him, I thought, ‘Well, that’s sorta gross,’” Canova told The Dodo. “But when I got closer to him, he had the cutest, most perfect little ears. [He] looked up at me as if to say, ‘Hi!’ And I just couldn’t not let him be.”

Since then, Mousey has mostly kept to himself — but when he does make an appearance, Canova still seems to find it unexpectedly delightful.

Sure, it might be easy to think of some possible downsides to sharing a home with a mouse, but Canova has been taking his presence in stride — preferring to make peace with Mousey instead of trying to evict him.

“As much as it’s not so great having a mouse as a roommate, I feel too bad to displace him,” Canova said, adding that Mousey really seems to have warmed to the hospitality. “I think he thinks he owns the place.”