Woman Loses It After Spotting The Fattest Squirrel She's Ever Seen

“I was literally caught off guard ..."

To mark the arrival of the fall this year, Erin Zak decided to set out some pumpkins on her front porch — a bit of festive flair to celebrate the changing seasons. But Zak soon learned that there was someone afoot who saw the pumpkins as more than merely decorations.

The pumpkins were being nibbled on — and Zak had her suspicions about who was the likely culprit.

Erin Zak

Zak wasn’t too upset over the unauthorized pumpkin carving, however — more so the bits of pumpkin debris it left behind.

“It really takes a lot for me to get angry or annoyed at something, especially something like that,” Zak told The Dodo. “The mess to clean up was a little irritating, but it’s really no big deal.”

Come Halloween, she tried to make the most of it.

Erin Zak

Whoever it was eating the pumpkins had managed to avoid getting caught in the act. That is, until just the other day.

Arriving home, Zak spotted him — the fattest, happiest squirrel she’d ever seen.

“I was literally caught off guard and thought it was a groundhog!” Zak said. “I realized this is the culprit who has been eating through all of my Halloween decorations.”

Zak lost it.

He was quite the chonk, as Zak pointed out in her rant of mock displeasure. In reality, she was delighted to have finally caught sight of him.

“When I saw the big fella, I thought it was just so funny!” Zak said. “My commentary might sound a little harsh, but I’m actually just joking around. I guess that’s just my sense of humor.”

The squirrel moved on after getting his fill, but Zak bumped into him again later on. She had more to say.

Though Zak might have been body-shaming the squirrel for comical effect, the chubby rodent hardly seemed to take offense.

After all, ahead of the cold and lean winter months approaching, it’s basically a squirrel’s job to fatten up.

And this guy clearly takes his work very seriously.

Erin Zak

In the end, not having any pristine, unchewed-upon pumpkins is a small price to pay for sharing a space with such a cute, fat squirrel.

“I love nature. I love animals,” Zak said. “I know they’re just trying to survive.”