Woman Looks Out Her Window And Sees A Man Helping His Dog Befriend A Cat

SO pure.

The other day, Cheyenne Tyler Berry was at home washing dishes when something outside the kitchen window caught her eye — and then stole her heart.

There, strolling peacefully down the sidewalk, was an older man and his little dog. They were apparently just out for a walk.

But as Berry looked on from afar, they soon made a friend.

Cheyenne Tyler Berry

The first thing that Berry had noticed from her window was the dog, seeming very ecstatic.

“He was jumping and getting excited,” Berry told The Dodo.

When she moved for a better look, she saw that it was her neighbor’s orange cat, named George, who’d garnered the pup’s eager interest while perched on a small wall.

Rather than nudge the dog away, however, his owner did quite the opposite. He lifted the dog up to make friends with George.

Here’s that moment on video:

The interaction was but a brief one for the two pets out enjoying their day, but that tender exchange of joy is something Berry won’t soon forget.

“It made me tear up because I was shocked I got to see such a sweet moment in person,” Berry said, summarizing her feelings in a post online: “I haven’t stopped smiling since.”