Woman Looks Into Pipe And Finds Beautiful Rainbow Animal Trapped Inside

She was looking for someplace to nest ...

In Greenleigh, Australia, scores of animals coexist with people living on properties near the wild bush. Recently, a homeowner in Greenleigh was heartbroken to notice that one of these animals — a rainbow-colored bird called a crimson rosella — had fallen into her drainpipe and gotten hopelessly stuck.

birds in pipe

The woman quickly called Wildcare Queanbeyan for help. She also contacted Demetrius Plumbing and Earthworks, the company that installed the piping, in hopes they might have the tools to disassemble the pipes and free the little bird.

“I was filled with dread before I even arrived,” rescuer Maryanne Gates told The Dodo. “It can be tricky getting birds out of drainpipes, and it was late in the afternoon and would be dark soon. We get a lot of crimson rosellas (and other birds) down drainpipes at this time of the year because they are looking for somewhere to nest, and a drainpipe looks a bit like a hollow log.”

Gates and Demetrius staff decided the only way to save the bird was to cut the drainpipe open. Demetrius workers cut an opening just above the animal’s head. Finally, the beautiful bird was free.

rainbow bird

Gates assessed the bird and decided the best course of action was to take her home for the night.

“There were no obvious injuries, but it was in shock and dehydrated,” Gates said. “I took it home to provide hydration and warmth overnight. Luckily, it recovered quickly, and the next morning it was eating the apple and seed I offered.”

Fully recovered, the bird was ready to return to the wild.

Gates took the bird back to the area where she was found. Then, she watched in awe as the wayward bird made her way back to her family.

bird in tree
Maryanne Gates

“[I] could see (and hear) its family in the trees,” Gates said. “Crimson rosellas are flock birds and are generally found in noisy family groups. I released the rosella, and it flew straight into the tree where it was joined by others.”

To help other animals like this bird, make a donation to Wildcare Queanbeyan.