Woman Leaves Her Car Door Open And Finds Someone Adorable Inside

"She wanted to go for a drive.”

Michelle Hennessey was finishing up feeding her parrots when she almost drove off with a stowaway. She had left her car door open while scrubbing the parrots’ water dishes and topping off their food bowls, confident there was no one on her friend's property. 

But she was wrong.

Dog jumps in unlocked car
Michelle Hennessey

As she was about to start her car, Hennessey noticed she'd left a container on the grass. So she jumped out, grabbed it and opened the back door to put it in the car.

When she returned to the car, she noticed a dog quietly sitting in the back seat. “The way she looked at me and wagged her tail was hilarious,” Hennessey said.

Woman finds dog in her car
Michelle Hennessey

Hennessey immediately recognized the brown pittie as Molly, who lives with her family at the back of the property. Molly is well-loved by her owners but has a special bond with Hennessey.

“[She] sometimes comes running up to say hi when she hears me talking to my parrots,” Hennessey said. “She must have seen the open door and decided she wanted to go for a drive.”

Michelle Hennessey

This wasn’t the first time Molly has hatched a plan to sneak away with Hennessey. Molly knows Hennessey is an animal lover — and is always happy to give her the attention she craves.

“She seems to really like me and has jumped in my car a few times,” Hennessey said. “She always asks for belly rubs when she sees me.”

Michelle Hennessey

Molly knew she was caught and gave Hennessey a sheepish look, wagging her tail. When Molly finally exited the car, Hennessey promised that she’d come back again that week for a visit.

Maybe next time, Molly’s plan will work.