Woman Spots A Stranger Leading A Parade Of Animals Down The Street

“The moment I saw her walking like that, I thought she was a wizard or something.”

One day, while visiting her mother’s home in Turkey, Dilara İlter noticed a remarkable scene unfolding outside the window.

There, on the street below, İlter spotted a woman out walking. Surrounding the woman were dozens of animals of different kinds  — cats, dogs and birds all eagerly joining her as if in some grand parade. 

İlter was stunned.

Dilara İlter

“The moment I saw her walking like that, I thought she was a wizard or something,” İlter told The Dodo.

This was no act of sorcery, however. 

It was an act of love.

"My mom told me that every other day [the woman] gathers stray animals around and feeds them," İlter said.

Here's video of that sweet procession:

Learning the truth made that unusual sighting all the more stunning.

"The scene was so poetic," İlter said. "I was amazed how beautiful what she was doing for these animals."

On another visit to see her mother a year later, İlter spotted the woman out again — her grateful followers still in tow.

These parades, İlter said, continue to this day. The woman's work is hardly thankless, but she seems to prefer appreciation in the form of full bellies and wagging tails.

"My mom found her and talked to her but she was too shy to talk," İlter said, noting that the woman is not alone in her good works. "The streets are full of food left out for animals. It's pretty common in Turkey actually. Everybody loves stray animals here."