Woman Is Shocked When She Discovers Tiny Lamb The Size Of A Soda Can

"When it started moving, I was not quite sure what was going on.”

Ben and Sarah Pohlner run a small market garden where they grow seasonal produce in Victoria, Australia. Instead of using herbicides or pesticides, they employ a flock of sheep to keep their crops weed-free.

“The sheep eat all the weeds and veggie scraps and clean up the area so we can start from a clean slate,” Sarah Pohlner told The Dodo. “We call them our ‘cleanup crew.’ We have 10 ewes — and this year we had 16 lambs.”

Pohlner, a trained midwife who works at a local hospital, thought she was ready for her sheep to give birth. But one tiny surprise changed everything — a lamb so small that she didn’t notice him at first.

“I initially thought he was just a bit of afterbirth on the ground, but when it started moving, I was not quite sure what was going on,” Pohlner said. “His twin was full-size and a healthy lamb.”

The mother sheep didn’t notice the tiny twin, now named Wally, either.

“The mother had just wandered off with the healthy twin and left Wally by himself to die,” Pohlner said. “I have never seen a lamb that small.”

A healthy newborn lamb weighs between 6 and 11 pounds, but Wally weighed just shy of 2 pounds. Pohlner knew his chances of survival were slim, but she couldn't leave the fluffy white baby shivering on the ground. She had to try and save him — no matter the odds.

“He fit into the cup of your hands quite comfortably at that stage,” Pohlner said.

Pohlner knew it would be a miracle if Wally made it through the night, but she called on her training as a midwife and brought him inside to keep him warm, feeding him frequently with a syringe.

Thanks to round-the-clock care provided by the Pohlners and their three daughters, Wally is now thriving. The little lamb has quickly put on weight and frequently joins his human parents at their farm stand, where he eagerly gives cuddles to passing shoppers.

But Wally's struggles aren't over. The little lamb recently developed a mysterious eye condition, leaving him blind.

His doting parents are doing whatever it takes to help him regain his sight, including driving him to every eye specialist in the area. He now has an eye surgery scheduled, and everyone in the community is rooting for him.

Despite all he's been through, Wally is as happy as ever. He relishes getting snuggles and scratches from his parents and playfully running and jumping around their property.

He's brought so much joy to everyone he meets that his family knows, whatever happens, his future is bright.

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