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Woman Installs A Doorbell Camera And Keeps Getting Trolled By Her Cat

"[I] started getting notifications on my phone every few minutes.”

When Norma Maikovich installed a new doorbell camera last weekend, she thought it would give her peace of mind. Now, she could receive notifications on her phone whenever visitors showed up, or if there were package deliveries or possible trespassers. 
But the next day, her phone started buzzing — and it wouldn’t stop. She couldn’t figure out what was happening outside her home to set off the camera. 

Doorbell camera films cat playing with leaves
Norma Maikovich

Turns out, she didn’t have to worry.
“Come Monday, I was at work and started getting notifications on my phone every few minutes,” Maikovich told The Dodo. “I finally checked them, and the majority were little video clips of Ace out front, chasing leaves and playing on the front porch!”

Doorbell camera films cat on woman's porch
Norma Maikovich

Maikovich’s husband, who works from home, had accidentally let their cat Ace outside, and Ace had decided to make the most of his newfound freedom. “Along with the clips of Ace, were clips of my husband trying to wrangle him back inside,” Maikovich said. “In between his meetings, he kept going out there to try and get him to come back inside.”

Ace did everything he could to avoid his dad and stay outside just a little longer. While he loves the screened-in porch his parents built for him, Ace will still dart out the door whenever he can. “We have a screened-in back porch where he loves to lounge and bird-watch,” Maikovich said. “He particularly loves the fall, because leaves fall all around and onto the porch. He’ll spend hours chasing them.” 
“He’s quite sad that the weather is turning colder because that means snow and he won’t be able to enjoy his porch until spring,” she added.

Norma Maikovich

As the temperature dropped and snow started to fall, Ace decided to retreat back to the comfort of his home. Maikovich and her husband have since changed the notification setting on the camera, but Ace's little adventure cheered up his mom more than he'll ever know.

"It just made my day," Maikovich said, "looking at my phone and seeing these little clips of Ace having a fun time outside." 

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