Woman In Ukraine Seen Comforting A Cat While Air Raid Sirens Sound

"Humanity continues."

In recent weeks, there has been no shortage of heartwrenching photos and videos emerging from war-torn Ukraine.

But amid those images of destruction and displacement, so too have emerged snapshots of hope and humanity.

Marcus Yam/Contributor

On Monday, foreign correspondent Trey Yingst, on the ground in Ukraine, departed from his war reporting to highlight a tender scene of love and caring set in the backdrop of the beleaguered capital city of Kiev.

In a post on Twitter, Yingst shared this video of a young woman on the street cradling a cat in her arms — offering the animal comfort, and no doubt receiving it back in kind — while air raid sirens sound out a chilling alarm.

It’s unclear if the woman knew the cat previously or if they were only recently acquainted, but shows of compassion amid an ongoing bombardment aren't limited to pets.

Yingst offered yet another video, this time showing an older gentleman feeding pigeons while war wages on around them.

“Humanity continues,” Yingst wrote:

These scenes, of course, are just brief glimpses at acts of kindness during a trying time for Ukrainians — and there are, no doubt, countless others taking place each day, undocumented by a reporter's camera.

In addition to those unsung animal lovers, rescue organizations are working to assist animals and their owners in light of ongoing events in Ukraine. Click here to learn more about the work being done there, and to find out how you can help.