Woman In Mourning Asks For A 'Sign' — Then One Appears At Her Door

“I was already crying ..."

Last November, Florencia Abraham’s heart was broken. That was when her beloved dog, Guada, passed away after a long illness.

It seemed that Guada’s sudden absence left a wound only time could heal — that is, until Abraham received a magical visit from a surprise guest.


Abraham is from Argentina, where, according to local traditions, the souls of loved ones lost are never truly gone forever. It is the belief of some that those souls can take on a new form — embodied by a hummingbird.

This was on Abraham’s mind when, with a grieving heart, a feathered stranger arrived at her door.

Recently, Abraham shared a touching video showing the moment a hummingbird arrived at her doorstep one evening in the wake of her dog’s passing.

Understanding the mystical significance, Abraham held out her hand — greeting the visitor with quiet hopefulness that it was actually Guada.

And for Abraham, what happened next left little doubt:

The hummingbird Abraham encountered seemed to regard her with uncanny familiarity, coming to land on her head and accepting her gentle pets.

“I was already crying, not knowing what was going to happen,” Abraham wrote.

It was as if the hummingbird had sought her out with a purpose — to bring her solace in her sadness, as Guada had always done.


Eventually, the hummingbird's visit drew to a close as she flew away into the dark night. But through that mystical-seeming encounter, Abraham found peace.

"I knew it was my dog visiting," she wrote. "I asked her for a sign."