Woman Sitting In Class Suddenly Realizes She's Being Watched

This isn't the first time he's dropped by.

Recently, a student at Australia’s University of Newcastle learned more than just what was on the syllabus that day.

She learned that she was being watched from above.


Evidently, a local possum had somehow gained entrance to the college building’s ceiling space and was now dropping in to check out her class.

“This is a picture of a cheeky possum watching the students during lectures,” she told The Dodo. “This guy comes here often.”

And she wasn’t kidding.


After her husband posted the photo to Reddit, a number of fellow University of Newcastle students chimed in to say that encounters with local wildlife aren’t uncommon.

The university's Callaghan Campus is situated in a natural area, and is home to dozens native species — including brush-tailed possums, like this guy. School officials wouldn't have it any other way.

"We’re committed to ensuring ecological sustainability and safeguarding these precious ecosystems," The University of Newcastle wrote.

Most of the time, these possums are seen hanging around the campus outdoors, and mainly at night.

But random pop-ins from above during classes certainly aren't unheard of.

The student from this most recent sighting didn't seem too bothered to find herself being watched by the furry class-crasher. And why would she be?

"Nobody is scared because these creatures are friendly," she said.

In fact, footage from past possum visits shows that their surprise appearances during classes are actually quite delightful.

Thankfully, The University Of Newcastle and its students seem happy to share their school with such adorable little classmates. Things just wouldn't be the same without them, as the university wrote:

"You can always count on the Callaghan Campus to provide a 'brush with nature' experience!"