Woman Has Spent Months Sharing Her Toilet With A Wild Frog Named Stanley

He refuses to leave.

For the past several months, Louise Drolz has been sharing her home in Australia with an uninvited houseguest.

She named him Stanley. He’s a wild frog.

Stanley lives in Drolz’s guest bathroom — specifically, inside the toilet.

Getty Images/Ekaterina Demidova

“He lives in the loo,” Drolz wrote in a post about him. “He's lived there for nearly a year. “

Drolz has no idea how Stanley came to take up residence in the toilet. As she explained to The Dodo:

"My house is on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, surrounded by littoral rainforest, and we often find froggies hopping about the place. It's likely that Stanley wandered into the bathroom and hopped into the loo when the lid was up. He probably figured it was the perfect spot to live safe from predators."

From there, Stanley has access to the pipe system below.

Louise Drolz

“That [toilet] doesn’t get used very much. Perhaps that's why he's made it his home,” Drolz wrote, adding: “Sometimes he disappears for a few weeks, sometimes he’s back in a few hours.”

When Stanley first appeared, Drolz said she tried to relocate him, but he’s always returned to the toilet.

“He comes back. He probably figures he's safer there than in the garden,” Drolz wrote.

Louise Drolz

Drolz's home has several other toilets, so she’s been happy to mostly leave that one for Stanley’s use. She’s even lowered the water level to make it easier for him to hop out, but so far, he’s yet do so.

“There is a more than ample supply of food in the sewer system. It is teeming with insect life,” Drolz wrote. “I assure you, Stanley is not 'trapped' in the toilet. He can come and go at will, but why would he? It's an environment where he's (mostly) safe from predators with an ample food supply.”

Nowadays, the toilet is more like Stanley's tiny private pond — a little haven in Drolz's home that she's happy to offer him.

"He seems quite content with his life," she wrote.