Woman Goes To Check Mailbox And Discovers A Little Family Living Inside

"We were shocked ..."

The small mailbox outside Gaila Damosso’s countryside home in Italy is usually empty. She and her family live elsewhere, usually just visiting on the weekends, so cards and letters are rarely sent there.

One day, however, much to Damosso’s surprise, she found the box contained something priceless.

Gaila Damosso

Upon opening the mailbox that day, Damosso saw that it was filled with bits of moss, twigs and soft tufts of fur.

But that wasn’t all.

Gaila Damosso

Nestled within it were a handful of tiny eggs.

A local bird had decided to borrow the rarely used mailbox as a place to make her nest.

“The first time we found the box occupied, we were shocked because it had never happened before,” Damosso told The Dodo. “It was a thrill.”

Gaila Damosso

Damosso attached a note to the box announcing that there was a nest inside so their mail carrier wouldn’t place anything inside it. As far as she was concerned, the mailbox now belonged to the mother bird and her eggs.

Checking back later, Damosso found that they’d hatched.

Gaila Damosso

From there, each subsequent opening of Damosso’s mailbox revealed the baby birds at new stages of development.

“We were careful not to touch them,” she said. “We watched from afar as the mother came to feed them.”

Gaila Damosso

Over the following weeks, cozy and safe in their protected nesting place, the little birds continued to grow.

Eventually, upon checking the mailbox, Damosso found that it was nearly filled up.

The formerly tiny chicks were soon ready to fly.

Galia Damosso

Damosso wasn’t there when the birds finally flew off to start their lives as adults, but the story doesn’t end there. She decided to leave the nest undisturbed — and the mother bird has since reoccupied it with yet another new brood.

Going forward, the mailbox is now officially a birdhouse. Damosso and her family wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We are very happy to have given the box to this mother,” she said.