Woman Honors Beloved Dog With The Most Heartwarming Tattoo

“Bear will forever and always be the best boy” ❤️

Bear loved his mom, Madison Szekeres, more than anything. And she loved him. When the 6-year-old black Lab died unexpectedly, Szekeres honored the good boy in a way that would last forever — by getting a tattoo of Bear’s best feature, his nose.

Black dog smiles for the camera.
Madison Szekeres

“I chose to do his nose because his paw print was really big,” Szekeres told The Dodo. “I felt I hadn’t seen a lot of people with their dog's nose print, and this will always remind me of him.”

Szekeres asked a coworker to create an ink print of Bear’s paw and nose.

“I decided to dedicate my tattoo on my wrist for [the print] of his nose,” Szekeres said. “He was the happiest, most outgoing pup, who didn't find a single person he didn’t love. There was never a time that his tail wasn’t wagging.”

Black tattoo print of dog's nose.
Madison Szekeres

Szekeres’s mom surprised the family with sweet Bear, who came into their lives in 2015.

“He was very shy and didn’t know how to walk on a leash,” Szekeres said. “He was the most family-oriented and happy dog we could’ve asked for. There will never be another like him.”

Black tattoo of a dog nose.
Madison Szekeres

The loss of Bear came suddenly, after an emergency surgery. Szekeres was not prepared to lose her beloved dog.

“I went to work on Tuesday and planned on bringing fluids home for him,” Szkeres said. “Bear sadly passed away at home unexpectedly.”

“Bear will forever and always be the best boy ever,” Szekeres said. “We will never forget the unconditional love he gave our family and the happiness he was able to bring out in people.”

Black dog smiles for the camera.
Madison Szekeres

The tattoo of Bear’s nose will forever remind Szekeres of the bond they shared.

“Although he left us way too soon, he came here and served his purpose way more than what we could have asked of him,” Szekeres said. “We thank him for the best six years he gave to our family.”