Woman Finds Senior Lab Sleeping Outside With A Sweet Note Taped Above Her Bed

“I’m old and arthritic, but still have lots of love to share …”

There’s no better feeling than making a stranger smile. That’s why Connie, a senior Lab from Brighton, England, likes to sit outside her house every day and wait for her neighbors to pass by.

Everyone smiles when they notice Connie and her wagging tail, but they light up even more after reading the signs above her head.

Becky Albon

Becky Albon, one of Connie’s neighbors, was walking home one day with her husband when she spotted the sweet pup lying on her outdoor bed for the first time. Connie instantly perked up when she saw the couple.

As soon as Albon was close enough to read the sign, she understood why.

One of the signs above Connie’s bed read, “Free Cuddles: I’m old & arthritic, but still have lots of love to share.” The other sign echoed a similar sentiment, stating, “I’m very old & lame, but love affection.” Both signs ended with a sweet sign-off — “Love, Connie.”

Becky Albon

Without needing any more convincing, Albon and her husband decided to sit with Connie for five minutes before continuing on with their walk.

“She was super friendly and happy to see us,” Albon told The Dodo. “She even let us give her belly rubs.”

Connie’s tail thumped back and forth in pure delight as the Albons stopped to pet her. The only thing that made her more excited was seeing more neighbors walk by.

“She was wagging her tail at everyone who went past,” Albon said. “And she was very gentle.”

Becky Albon

The Albons could tell that Connie loved every minute of their time together. And, as many other neighbors would probably agree, Albon said that seeing Connie brightened her day, too.

When Connie isn’t sitting on her front porch offering free cuddles to her neighbors, the senior pup can be found inside her family’s home, soaking up all the love from the humans who know her best.

And her neighbors, who fall in love with her more and more every day, look forward to sunny weather so that they can share a moment with their favorite neighborhood dog — and snuggle her — again.