Woman Has The Best Reaction After Finding A Giant Spider Had Babies In Her House

"They're so cute!"

This is a huntsman spider — the largest (and perhaps friendliest) arachnid on Earth.

When one of these beauties decides to move indoors, well, it's pretty much impossible not to notice. But for one family in Australia, a huntsman spider in their house did more than just that.

She had kids. A lot of kids.

Jake Gray

The other day, mom Claudia was at home with her family when her daughter alerted her that there was something going on in her bedroom. When Claudia went to check, she discovered dozens and dozens of baby huntsman spiders had hatched near a window — having emerged from an egg sac the family failed to notice.

"It certainly was an unexpected surprise," Claudia told The Dodo. "We do have the occasional huntsman spider in the house, but I didn’t realize we had an entire kindergarten crawling around."

As you'll see, the little spiders made quite the first impression:

Creepy? Not for Claudia. Her reaction to the spider babies was quite the opposite.

"They're so cute!" she said. "I'm not going to kill them."

And she kept her word.

Screengrab from video

Rather than forcibly evict the spider babies (or perhaps do worse), Claudia instead gently opened the window. That way the babies could wander outside on their own.

"We let them be. And they were all gone the next morning," she said.

The giant spider mom who'd laid her eggs there had picked the perfect home to serve as her kids' nursery.

"We basically love animals," Claudia said.