Woman Finds Dog Left All Alone In Park With The Saddest Note

“At that moment, I knew I had to help him.”

Baloo is a smart boy who loves to show off everything he’s capable of. The 1-year-old retriever-boxer mix just recently learned how to do things like sit and shake, and he’s very proud of himself — especially because he didn’t get the chance to learn tricks before his rescue.

Abandoned in a dog run with a heartbreaking note, Baloo wasn’t sure what he’d done to make his owners leave. Luckily, a woman happened to see Baloo all alone in the scorching Arizona heat and took matters into her own hands.

A dog is left in a dog run.
Reddit/Lillian Engelhard

“I was out taking one of my dogs for a walk, and we passed a community dog run with a dog in it but no owners in sight,” Lillian Engelhard, Baloo’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “I thought maybe they ran out of doggie bags and quickly ran to their car to get more, or maybe his owners really did have an emergency of some sort.”

Engelhard sat in her car and kept watch over Baloo to further assess the situation.

“The more I watched him, the more I saw signs that he had been out there for a long time,” Engelhard said. “It was in the 90s and he looked very dehydrated and overheated. He was pacing and seemed distraught. I knew I had to do something.”

A sad note left with a dog.
Lillian Engelhard

As Engelhard approached Baloo, he was overcome with excitement.

“When I went to open the gate to the dog run, I noticed a note was shoved in the handle,” Engelhard said. “It read, "This dog is not trained!!! *I had to leave him. Please save him (Venom)."

Engelhard’s heart sank.

A puppy shows off his tricks.
Reddit/Lillian Engelhard

“I walked in and he immediately greeted me with kisses and excitement,” she said. “At that moment, I knew I had to help him.”

Engelhard could tell that Baloo was a total lovebug, but with his high energy level, it became clear he had a few things to work on. She began training Baloo, and before long, the excitable pup completely transformed.

“He suddenly lived for learning!” Engelhard said. “Within a few days he could sit, stay, lie down, sit pretty (sitting with both paws in the air), was completely potty trained, understood when he could and couldn't hop up on the couch or bed, did great in his kennel and more. All he needed was a little bit of patience and for someone to invest in him.”

You can watch the heartwarming story of Baloo’s rescue and training here:

Baloo is now in search of his forever home through Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. He’d do best with a family that has a strong understanding of his past and will continue working on his manners through patience and consistency.

The very good boy will happily show what he’s capable of if given the chance. For now, he’ll be practicing for the day he’s chosen.

A dog learns how to shake.
Reddit/Lillian Engelhard

“He's come a long way, but he still has work to do,” Engelhard said. “He needs someone committed. In turn, they will get rewarded with one of the best dogs ever.”

“He's taught me … how hard work can pay off,” Engelhard continued. “It's rewarding to spend a few days working hard to teach him something, and then see him do it all on his own from there on out."

To apply for Baloo’s adoption, contact Lost Our Home Pet Rescue.