Woman Finds A 'Vintage Fur Hat' — But It Isn't What It Seems

"I swear my heart jumped into my throat."

The other day, while browsing a thrift store in New York City, TikTok user @thethriftymama thought she’d happened upon a pretty rare find.

There, atop one of the store’s display shelves, was what appeared to be a vintage fur hat — in surprisingly good condition given that it seemed to date back to the 1950s.

But, as it turns out, that ‘hat’ was something more surprising yet.

The ‘hat’ was in fact a cat. @thethriftymama was shocked.

"I swear my heart jumped into my throat," she said, only learning of the truth as she reached up to try it on.

Well, it seems that the cute orange cat actually works at the thrift shop, sleeping among the products available for sale. And over the years, he's left quite the good impression on customers simply by being himself.

Several people who've left online reviews of the thrift store have made a point of singling him out.

Google/Toni Texidor

"If you’re lucky you’ll be graced by their affectionate almost dog-like cat," one reviewer wrote of their shopping experience there.

"Good prices. Huge selection. Cute cat," another added.

He's the real star.

Ultimately, @thethriftymama did not get to try on the vintage fur hat she'd thought she'd stumbled upon at the thrift store.

But thanks to that encounter with the store's cutest employee, she did not leave disappointed.