Woman Meets A Mouse And Invites Him To A Tiny Picnic

"He let me sit next to him for over an hour" 🧺💕

The other day, Brighid Rose was visiting her parents’ house when she learned that different sort of visitor was there, too — and that he’d been making himself at home.

It was a tiny mouse who’d been scavenging for food inside their cabinets. Brighid’s parents wanted him gone, and was hoping their cat was up to the task. However, after spotting the mouse during her stay, Brighid decided to take a gentler approach.

“I scooped him up and brought him out to the field behind their house,” Brighid told The Dodo.

But she did more than just that.

Brighid Rose

Safely relocating the little rodent from the house would have been commendable enough. But Brighid decided to go one step further.

"I felt bad just leaving him there in the field, especially since he must have been used to eating all that human food in my parents' cabinets," Brighid said. "So I brought him a little goodbye picnic."

Brighid laid down a napkin to use as a picnic blanket and set out some food. The little mouse loved it.

"It was really sweet," Brighid said. "He let me sit next to him for over an hour. He seemed very happy to me."

Here's video of their tiny picnic:

After a while, the little mouse found a cozy place nearby for shelter. Before heading back inside herself, Brighid left him a few more snacks to help him get back on his feet at home again in the outdoors.

For Brighid, treating the mouse with dignity — and treating him to a little farewell picnic — came as second nature.

"I have always just really loved animals. I didn’t really think too hard about it. Like, I should do this for him! It’s not his fault he’s a little mouse in a big world!" she said. "It was so cute! Definitely made my day."