Woman Finally Figures Out Why All The Dogs Are Gathered Around The Same Spot

They were protecting someone ❤️️

A woman named Trisha was watching her dogs in the backyard recently when she noticed her senior dog, Jackie, hovering around one particular spot. The neighbor’s dog was also fixated on the spot, poking his nose through the fence and staring intently. They seemed to be watching over something, but Trisha and her husband weren’t sure what. Then, one day, they figured it out.

“We noticed them when [Jackie] was laying by the fence right by the hole,” Trisha, the dogs’ mom, told The Dodo. “My hubby went and checked it out and then saw these adorable babies!”

It turns out the dogs were trying to protect someone — a tiny family of baby bunnies curled up in a hole in the ground.

Immediately, Trisha began keeping a closer eye on the dogs to make sure they didn’t disturb the bunnies, but she quickly realized it wasn’t a problem at all.


“[My other dog] George didn't care too much about them,” Trisha said. “I think he was confused at what they are … Jackie seemed to want to just babysit.”

Trisha and her husband set up a camera to keep an eye on the babies and make sure they were safe and caught their mom on camera stopping by frequently to care for them. The baby bunnies had so many protectors from the moment they were born.


The bunnies are getting bigger by the day, and everyone, from the dogs to the humans, has loved watching them grow and thrive.

“It has been a little over a week, and they are little bunnies hopping around with their mommy,” Trisha said.