Woman Discovers Neighbor Secretly Playing Fetch With Her Dog Through The Fence Every Chance He Gets

"You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals.”

Bounder loves a lot of things in life, but his greatest love of all is definitely playing fetch.

“He’s obsessed,” Brittney Reynolds, Bounder’s mom, told The Dodo. “He will play fetch until I make him stop.”

cute dog
Brittney Reynolds

Bounder loves everyone he’s ever met, which means he’s willing to play fetch with literally anyone. One day, Reynolds heard Bounder barking outside and went to investigate. It turns out he was barking at the neighbor — for the sweetest reason.

“The neighbor was sitting on his back patio with the ball gun on the table, and Bounder was staring him down and barking at him wanting to play,” Reynolds said. “I tried to tell him to stop barking, but the neighbor got up and started shooting the ball gun for him. It was just so cute. I went and thanked him for playing with my boy and found out that they had been doing this for a while.”

It seemed that the neighbor picked up on Bounder’s love of fetch and decided to indulge it, and now they love playing together through the fence every chance they get. The neighbor has a dog also, so he’s clearly an animal lover, and it warms Reynolds’s heart every time she sees them playing together.

“I am a huge dog lover, and it always makes me happy to see others treating dogs so well,” Reynolds said. “Our dogs are our family, and I think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals.”

Thanks to Bounder, his family and the neighbor’s family know each other better now, and Bounder and the neighbor’s dog, Lyla, even have playdates. The game of fetch brought them all together — and will continue to do so since Bounder definitely doesn’t plan to stop playing with the neighbor any time soon.

“I’ve seen him outside looking for the neighbor since then,” Reynolds said. “He’s a sucker for a game of fetch.”

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