Woman Dashes Through Traffic To Grab Wild Animal Stranded In Highway

He needed a hero.

As a wildlife rehabilitator and rescuer, Karenlynn Stracher is always prepared to help an animal in need. When she recently got a message about a wild animal stranded in the middle of a nearby highway, Stracher dropped everything and headed over.

possum in highway

Arriving at the scene, Stracher finally saw the poor guy from across the road. Perched on the median was a lonely possum, watching the traffic fly by on either side, unable to move. Usually in situations like this one, Stracher will ask police to stop traffic momentarily so that she can help the animal. But this time, local authorities weren’t able to come, so Stracher had to be extra careful.

“I got all of my equipment ready, and then I watched traffic patterns for a few minutes,” Stracher told The Dodo. “When I saw a break in traffic long enough for me to cross to the median, I took the opportunity.”

woman running to get possum

Stracher swiftly traversed the busy highway and made it to the median. The rescuer knew she’d likely only have one shot at catching the little possum. Noticing her moment, Stracher quickly wrapped the possum in a fleece blanket. With the animal safely in her arms, Stracher walked back across the highway to her car. The rescue was a success.

Once captured, Stracher took the possum back home and examined him for any signs of injury. Eager to get back to the wild, and a bit scared of humans, the possum didn’t respond too kindly to Stracher’s help. Luckily, Stracher soon confirmed the fuzzy guy was OK and found an area where he could be released.

“I’m happy that he has a place nearby that is safe and provides him access to water and natural foods,” Stracher said.


Back in the wild where he belongs, the possum is surely grateful that his scary ordeal is over. With any luck, he won’t find himself in the middle of a highway ever again.

To help other animals like this possum, make a donation to Karenlynn Stracher.