Woman Is So Confused When She Finds Dog Wearing Cone He Doesn’t Need Anymore

He put it back on himself 😂

Chief is almost a year old now and very much still a puppy. If there’s mischief or adventure to be had, Chief will find it every time.

“He is a very mischievous puppy, who makes all kinds of trouble,” Whitley Hester, Chief’s family member, told The Dodo. “He especially loves chewing up our rugs.”

cute dog
Whitley Hester

Recently, Chief was neutered, so, unfortunately, he had to wear a cone for two weeks. He was not at all excited about the cone and protested the entire time. He tried to chew it off with little success and was clearly waiting for the day when he could finally take it off for good.

“He had to wear it for two weeks but struggled to make it that long,” Hester said. “The first day he was frustrated. In fact, he refused to get in the car or even walk at first if he had it on.”

dog in a cone
Whitley Hester

Chief made it through his time with the cone like a champ, though, and after two weeks, he was free.

The day Chief finally got to take his cone off, Hester emerged from her bedroom later in the day and saw something shocking — Chief was wearing his cone again. She quickly went about figuring out why, and the answer ended up being absolutely hilarious.

“I was so surprised because I knew that my mom had taken it off of him that morning,” Hester said. “I went to ask why he was wearing it again, and she replied, ‘He's wearing his cone?’ in a shocked voice.”

Apparently, for reasons completely unknown, Chief had taken it upon himself to put his cone back on. Even though he’d actively hated wearing it, it seemed he was actually OK with it — as long as it was completely on his terms.

dog in cone
Whitley Hester

Hester watched Chief roll around with his cone on, chewing it and playing with it and having the best time. He seemed pretty happy, and she had a feeling he was probably just excited that he wasn’t being forced to wear it anymore.

“I think he felt like he won the battle,” Hester said.

After he took his victory lap, Chief decided he was done wearing the cone for good — he just wanted to end things on his own terms.

You can follow Chief on TikTok.