Woman Checks Into AirBnB And Meets A Blind Dog Who Leads Her On An Adventure

"Our guests absolutely adore him."

Recently, Hannah Brown and her family took a trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Excited for their getaway, the family booked a stay at Sail Away Cottages, located just off the beach.

They were shocked to discover that one of the property’s owners was a doting deaf and blind dog named Soldier.

As any good host would, Soldier showed the family around by leading them straight to the beach.

After an adventurous few minutes of walking towards the shoreline, Soldier celebrated his professional good boy efforts with a refreshing dip in the sea before settling down on the sand.

You can watch that moment here:

As one of many potcakes on the island, Soldier spent his earliest years exploring Providenciales with his packmates. In spite of his hearing and vision loss, Soldier traveled across the island, soaking up the Caribbean sun.

He quickly became familiar with his general surroundings, but it wasn’t until 2011 that he started to learn a very specific section of the island: Sail Away Cottages.

“He arrived at our house late one afternoon,” Sail Away Cottages shared in a photo on Instagram. “[And] he was still there in the morning.”

The owners of Sail Away Cottages were used to seeing potcakes pass by their residences, but the pups usually wouldn’t stay long. Soldier, however, refused to leave. Luckily, the property owners offered the sweet boy a permanent home, where he’s been enjoying life to the fullest ever since.

In addition to his new parents, Soldier gained a dog sibling named Skipper. The two pups took to each other right away, with Soldier often tagging along on all of his older brother’s adventures.

“This is how Soldier started his walks to the beach,” Sail Away Cottages wrote. “[He] went every day after his morning walk with his brother Skipper for a quick cool down before the day [started].”

Sadly, Skipper crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this year, but Soldier still makes a daily pilgrimage to the beach. Except, instead of having his brother by his side, Soldier’s usually accompanied by one of Sail Away Cottage’s guests.

“We run an AirBnB, and our guests absolutely adore him,” Sail Away Cottages wrote. “He accompanies them to the beach and ‘guards’ their things.”

After leading guests to the beach, Soldier splits his time between resting on the sand and playing in the water. When he’s not hunkered down on the shore, he can usually be found getting his paws wet in the ocean.

"He is not a BIG swimmer, but loves a little cool off," Soldier's parents wrote on Instagram. "He also loves to float around in the water and loves when you hold him and let him sit on your lap in shallow water 🌊 the sweetest boy!"

For Soldier, the only thing better than living on the beautiful island of Provo is getting to share the experience with people from all over the world every day.

He never knows when a new group of guests will arrive, but he’s always ready to lead them to the waves.

To stay up to date on Soldier and his home, you can follow him on Instagram.

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