Woman Catches Dog Making Snowballs Just Like A Little Kid

“She has the time of her life in the snow” ☃️❄️

There’s plenty of fun to be had when the snow starts falling. But while many pups have figured out that the fluffy white powder makes for a fine surface to romp through, this particular dog has achieved a higher level of understanding.

For her, snow’s also a building material.

Recently, Sara Onderwater shared footage of her dog’s adorably kid-like way of enjoying the snow. Evidently, the pup realized that if she rolled a little clump of snow around with her muzzle and paws, it would eventually grow into a pretty sizable snowball.

Here she is in action:

“She has the time of her life in the snow,” Onderwater wrote.

Apparently, making snowballs is just her thing.

It's hard to say for certain how the clever dog came to discover her favorite new pastime, but as long as the snow keeps falling, there's clearly no stopping her from having a ball — or from making them.