Woman Catches Her Dog Carrying On A Secret Relationship

“Every time I let Murphy out, he goes to the back fence ..."

This is Murphy — a happy-go-lucky dog who loves nothing more than making new friends. In fact, he’s yet to run across a person or animal he doesn’t like.

But, it turns out, among Murphy’s closest relationships is one he's been carrying on in secret.

Jo-Hannah Jamieson

A couple of months ago, Murphy’s owner, Jo-Hannah Jamieson, let him into the backyard as usual, assuming the pup needed to go out to do his business. But, much to Jamieson’s surprise, she noticed that Murphy was actually mixing “business” with pleasure.

That day, as Jamieson looked on, Murphy made a beeline to the back of the yard. Then, through an opening in the fence, a hand emerged — showering Murphy with pets and scratches.

Here’s video of Murphy and the hand in action:

The hand evidently belongs to Jamieson’s neighbor — obviously a dog lover. It’s unclear exactly when these little rendezvous began. But it’s been no one-time thing.

“Every time I let Murphy out, he goes to the back fence to see if [my neighbor] is there,” Jamieson told The Dodo. “I think Murphy gets at least one pet a day [from him].”

Murphy gets plenty of love and attention from his owner. But apparently the hand’s still just too good to pass up.

Jo-Hannah Jamieson

When asked if there’s any hard feelings over Murphy’s possible preference for the neighbor’s petting, Jamieson is quite understanding. They have been a bit cooped up these days, after all.

“With lockdown and ‘work from home,’ I’m the only person he speaks to. So, I think he likes getting pets from someone else for a change,” Jamieson said. “But I’m happy he gets a bit of socialization. He definitely loves company. [It’s] nice to know that Murphy has neighbors who like him.”

As things return to normal, Jamieson said a proper meeting with the neighbor might be in order — so Murphy can meet the man behind the hand. But until then, they’re not going to let a little thing like a fence keep them apart.