Woman Catches Antisocial Rooster Napping In The Oddest Places

“He’s always been quirky” 😴

There’s no bigger fan of naptime than Carlos. The 3-year-old rooster can sleep anytime, anywhere, as long as he can secretly tuck himself away from his mom’s watchful eye. In fact, Carlos has made sleepytime a game much like “Where’s Waldo?” — leading everyone in his family on a quest to find his latest spot.

However, the antisocial rooster doesn’t want to be found — he’d rather nap in peace, according to his mom, Susie Randash.

A rooster stands tall and proud.
Susie Randash

“Carlos loves to nap,” Randash told The Dodo. “And he loves to nap in random places. He likes chasing flies, [and] sometimes that leads him to get stuck as he’s figuring out where they went.”

Some of the places Carlos naps are a mystery, even to Randash.

“When I finally let the chickens outside in a coop, Carlos fell in love with our hay bales,” Randash said. “He loved hiding and resting in between them.”

You can watch Carlos napping in a hay bale here:

Randash should’ve known the silly rooster would keep her on her toes. When she first rescued Carlos, he was sleeping in a corner with his head folded down, as if to say “leave me alone.”

“He used to hide his head under the pine shavings when he wanted to sleep,” Randash said. “He’s always been quirky and is usually annoyed when I wake him — he tries to go back to sleep.”

A rooster buries his head for a nap.
Susie Randash

Carlos goes missing for naps so often, Randash does multiple “life checks” a day to be sure he hasn’t gotten himself into trouble.

“I have found him stuck in fences and hay bales,” Randash said. “Usually, it only takes a couple of minutes to find him, but sometimes he wanders off and falls asleep. Those times can take up to 45 minutes.”

And it’s not just Randash in on the game. Neighbors help find Carlos, too.

“[They’ve] brought him home before,” Randash said. “It takes a village to keep this goofy rooster safe!”

A rooster naps against a building.
Susie Randash

None of this bothers Carlos, though. He’s perfectly happy continuing on with his naptime games.

“This has just become our life and our routine,” Randash said. “He’s safe, he’s healthy, he has completely normal rooster behavior. He just has a quirky personality that we have come to love and embrace. He’s just unapologetically Carlos!”

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