Woman Captures The Moment Her Dog First Discovers The Moon

"She stopped in her tracks" 😂

This is Marquette — a fetch-loving pup who never fails to get excited when she lays eyes on a ball.

But recently, Marquette spotted a different ball of sorts, not realizing that it was more than just a little out of reach.


The other day, while on an evening walk with her owner, Gretchen Bach, Marquette spotted something glowing brightly in the twilight sky. She was instantly transfixed.

"Marquette stopped in her tracks and started staring up at the sky," Bach told The Dodo. "Originally, I thought she might be looking at a bird. But then realized she saw the moon."

To the pup's curious eyes, noticing the moon for the first time, it apparently seemed like a celestial tennis ball on the verge of being tossed for her. And she was ready to play fetch with it.

Here's that exact moment on video:

"I was shocked she saw the moon!" Bach said. "I think she wondered why there was something in the sky not moving! Perhaps she did think it was a ball. She chased it for probably 30 seconds."

But alas, the moon could not be caught.


Marquette didn't get to play fetch with the moon, much to her disappointment. But that evening, with a curious and eager gaze directed skyward to the heavens, Marquette joined the ranks of some of history's greatest minds — pondering and striving to reach worlds beyond our own.

For now, though, just a regular old tennis ball will have to do. Marquette's owner, however, is still impressed.

"I am very proud of her," Bach said.