Woman Buys A Used Couch And Realizes It Comes With A Cat

She looked under the couch and saw some eyes 👀

When Caylee Gilson moved from a house to her new apartment, she realized it was time to get rid of her large sectional. She put it up for sale on her local Facebook Marketplace and fell in love with a smaller gray couch on the social media site. 

But when Gilson and her boyfriend went to pick it up from the sellers last week, they didn’t realize that their new sofa came with a stowaway.

Cat hides in used couch
Caylee Gilson

Gilson knew the springs on the bottom of the sofa were exposed but didn't think anything of it. "[The seller had] already told me there was no liner under the couch because her Boston terrier liked to rub on the underside of the couch,” Gilson told The Dodo. “We packed all of it up in the truck and thank goodness we didn’t have to take a highway to get home. But it was about a 30-minute drive.”

The next day, Gilson worked from home and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. But that night, as she was preparing dinner, her young son called to her from the living room. “The next thing I know my son says, ‘Mama, there’s a cat in here,’” Gilson said. “I didn’t think anything of it because he is always talking about this imaginary cat named Ender Dragon.”

Cat hides in couch
Caylee Gilson

“I thought, ‘Oh, it’s just Ender Dragon, it’s fine. It’s not a big deal,’” Gilson added. “But he’s like, ‘No mama, there’s a cat!’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah, play with Ender Dragon, show him a good time.’ I honestly thought nothing of it.”

When the family’s 3-month-old puppy started barking repetitively from the other room, Gilson stopped what she was doing to check out the disturbance. But once in the living room, she still didn’t see a cat. Then she sat down and spotted a little white nose and two glassy eyes peering out at her.

Caylee Gilson

Gilson couldn’t figure out where the mysterious cat had come from since all her doors and windows were closed. “I started thinking, ‘The only thing I’ve changed is the couch. Maybe the cat came in with the couch,’” Gilson said.

Sure enough, a quick text to the couch’s former owner revealed that the cat had caught a ride to Gilson’s house via his favorite sofa.

Caylee Gilson

The cat's mom rushed over right away and after 20 minutes of searching, they were able to find a hiding place in the arm of the sofa and retrieve the furry invader.

While the cat wasn’t happy to be parted with his favorite piece of furniture, Gilson is loving her new couch — holes and all.