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Woman Accidentally Takes The Most Nightmarish Photo Of Her Cat

"I just choked" 😳

This is Willie-Jean β€” a very cute cat with an even sweeter personality. There's no denying that.

But recently, a rather unfortunately timed photograph seemed to transform her into something else entirely.

Tiffany Miller

The other day, Willie-Jean was hanging out at home with her owners, Tiffany Miller and daughter Sydney, when things took a strange turn. The curious cat had randomly decided to hop up on a windowsill over the kitchen sink. Then something caught her eye.

It led Willie-Jean to strike an amusingly awkward pose.

"We looked over at her and she had her head turned upside down, like she was looking at something," Miller told The Dodo.

Sydney snapped a photo β€” not realizing it was about to get much weirder still.

Sydney Miller-Wright

As Willie-Jean continued to peer, her head still upside down, she let out an epic yawn.

"I just choked," Miller said.

In that moment, the cute cat looked more like some horrifying monster.

Sydney Miller-Wright

Miller's daughter agreed, describing the photo as "literally what nightmares are made of."


Sydney Miller-Wright

Talk about unflattering.

But fortunately, as quickly as Willie-Jean took on that demon-like form, she was back to her cute self again.

"It was very random," Miller said.

Tiffany Miller

Willie-Jean has no idea that the awkward photo exists, let alone that it's been shared with people on the internet. But Miller doesn't think she'd mind at all.

"She's a little diva, honestly, so I think that she would enjoy it," Miller said, adding that she knows the truth about her cat. "She's my girl. A true mama's girl."

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