Woman Accidentally Gives Adorable Moose Family The Best Day Ever

Those little happy dances 😍

In recent days, apparently a few certain someones had been helping themselves to apples growing outside Emily Stull’s home in Washington state.

It was a family of moose — and Stull had plans to deter them.

But instead, she accidentally gave them the time of their lives.

Emily Stull

When the mama moose and her two kids showed up in the backyard, presumably to make a meal of Stull’s fruit, they got more than they bargained for. Stull decided to switch on the sprinklers, believing they’d be driven away.

Little could she have guessed that it actually made her place even more appealing.

Rather than run off, the moose family began to play:

Stull's plan had backfired — though it did result in some adorable footage.

No word on whether the moose family went on to eat her apples after frolicking in the sprinklers. But thanks to Stull's video of the happy scene, viewers certainly got a treat.